Ronald A. Williams Ltd.  represents industry leaders that produce engineering laboratory equipment, and develop design and simulation software.  The engineering laboratory equipment that we offer covers a broad range of topics and experiments with the majority of the apparatus having data logging capabilities along with drivers for Lab View, MATLAB, and C++.



  • Engineering Laboratory Equipment
  • LabView & MATLAB Applications
  • 3D Printing and Modeling
Engineering Disciplines
Engineering Disciplines
RAWL offers engineering laboratory equipment, and design and simulation software for a broad range of engineering disciplines.

Fluid Mechanics
Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics
Unit Operations
Control & Instrumentation
Process Control

Morgan State U-New  Engineering Laboratories
Morgan State U-New Engineering Laboratories
Armfield in 2012 provided Morgan State U three new laboratories for studies in Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology. One of the labs includes a 5M Glass Sided Tilting Flume complete with a sediment loop (pictured above). This is one of the most modern and well equipped fluid mechanics labs in the Middle Atlantic Region