Mark Two Enterprise and Mark X

Mark Two Enterprise 

 The Mark Two 3D Printer  offers your laboratory the following advantages:

  • Get the strength of aluminum with the ease of 3D printing.  The Mark Two generates parts with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than aluminum 6061.
  • Generate real industrial strength parts for real applicatons, at your desk or in your classroom.
  • Affordable end-user parts; get the strength of metal for the cost of plastic
  • Two print heads:
    • One builds Nylon parts.  Nylon is stronger and a more durable alternative to PLA and ABS, providing versatility and flexibility.
    • Composite print head to reinforce nylon parts with continuous fiber (Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Fierglass, High Strength/High Temp Fiberglass, or Onyx).  The Mark Two uses a patented Continuous Filament Fabriacation process (CFF) to reinforce nylon parts
  • Affordably priced and small enough to comfortably fit in your classroom or lab.

Mark Two 3D Printer

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Mark X 

The Mark X is the most powerful 3D printer on the market. With industrial-scale printing of incredibly strong parts and first ever precision sensing systems, the Mark X is destined to be the must-have printer for every manufacturer.  This printer combines the benefits of Markforged’s unique fiber reinforcement for parts as strong as metal with advanced “build as designed” sensors and the beautiful surface finish of Onyx, the Mark X will empower you to take any design concept and make it a reality.

The Mark X offers the following advantages:

  • Get known good parts directly off your printer. Inspect your part as it gets built to ensure you are getting exactly what you designed.
  • Increase in bandwidth capacity for parts – Off loading low volume production parts to the Mark X means your CNC machines can spend more time on customer runs.
  • Shorten the design cycle – not only can you get strong parts in hours as opposed to weeks, with the laser inspection, engineers can adjust their print specifications to increase their print success rate over time. By shortening the design cycle, companies create efficiencies in the product development process, ultimately making it cheaper to create new products
  • Expand the types of parts a company can create –Markforged printers juxtapose the design flexibility of 3D printing with the strength of CNC machining. The Mark X adds to this capability by allowing engineers to print larger and higher resolution parts. The ability to create a larger range of strong parts expands the potential business companies can accept.
  • A large build size - the Mark X print area is double the Mark Two area and 2.7X the volume.

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Mark X
Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise
  • Skill Based Training Equipment
  • E-Learning
  • Laboratory Planning and Curriculum Resources
  • Instructor Training
Print Parts Reinforced With Carbon Fiber
Print Parts Reinforced With Carbon Fiber
Allow your students to design and print parts that they can use in real world projects.