Global eTraining

Global eTraining is designed as a series of comprehensive, stand-alone courses for your students. This platform incorporates audio, video, e-text, expert tips, step-by-step processes and hands-on exercises to develop student competence in Autodesk® software.  Students can use the material both in and outside of the classroom. 

 Global eTraining currently includes courses on the following Autodesk titles:

 Global eTraining also serves as a tool for Autodesk Certified User Exam preparation.

 The Global eTraining courses are designed for blended learning. They can be used in the following ways in the classroom:

  • Self-Paced Guided instruction for individual students
  • Flexible Instructor lead instruction
    • Introduction of a topic to class
    • Student review
    • Assignments using the data templates and exercises in the instructional module
    • Quizzes

Each student having a license  makes it a more dynamic learning tool in your classroom, and will result in more students passing the Certiport/Autodesk Certification Exams.

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Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise
  • Skill Based Training Equipment
  • E-Learning
  • Laboratory Planning and Curriculum Resources
  • Instructor Training
Autodesk Certified User Exam
Autodesk Certified User Exam
Revit Architecture
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