Computer Science Applications

CytonE Robot

The Cyton is enabled by Actin software—the same software used for high-end hardware in the space, energy, medical, and nuclear fields.



The SCORBOT ER4U comes with a USB interface which allows students to develop control algorithms in C++, Python, or MATLAB.

NAO-Humanoid Robotics 

After four years of research, Aldebaran RoboticsTM has developed NAO, a 58 cm (23 in.) tall biped robot. It is a unique combination of hardware and software in a great design.

NAO stands tall in all points amongst its robotic counterparts. The hardware has been built from the ground up with the latest technologies, providing maximum fluidity in its movements and offering a wide range of sensors. Platform agnostic, it can be programmed and controlled in Linux, Windows, or Mac operating systems and comes with complete software and documentation.

Programming Languages: URBI Script C++,Python,.Net




Engineering Disciplines
Engineering Disciplines
RAWL offers engineering laboratory equipment, and design and simulation software for a broad range of engineering disciplines.

Fluid Mechanics
Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics
Unit Operations
Control & Instrumentation
Process Control

Morgan State U-New  Engineering Laboratories
Morgan State U-New Engineering Laboratories
Armfield in 2012 provided Morgan State U three new laboratories for studies in Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology. One of the labs includes a 5M Glass Sided Tilting Flume complete with a sediment loop (pictured above). This is one of the most modern and well equipped fluid mechanics labs in the Middle Atlantic Region